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Iris Hallett

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I have been rearranging my detolf recently, adding new printed backgrounds on each shelf.

This is from the cyberpunk themed shelf where are displayed Iris Hallett and Cyril Brooklyn from the Gal Grease series by Shirow Masamune.
This is Iris. I love this figure, her pose and how detailed her equipment is.

Note that she is not standing on the original base which his not the best looking. Instead I custom made a new base with leftover plexiglass from my job. Now it looks like the prototype stand.

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Looks soooo bad ass! I saw a few listings back in the day for pre-owned, but my only hesitation has been the somewhat see-through-ish top. Its a bit on the racy side haha. But otherwise, its really on the top of my list.
12 days ago