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Be proud of your inner child
VigiVigi2 years ago


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    Feb 18, 2019

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Here are the most of our figures to see.
Hope you like our new living room setup ^____^

Picture with only the Figures: PICTURE #2156483
Picture with the TV setup only: PICTURE #2156485

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Wow, this room looks really amazing. Im a bit jealous myself
5 months ago
Beautifully designed layout. Inspiring!
7 months ago
1 year ago
Honestly, these are goals. I strive to get a collection that looks this good one day.
1 year ago
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Came across this randomly, hope you don't mind my comment! You have a really beautiful collection and I hope it brings you happiness to have it so prominently in your living space, it's clear you spared nothing to bring it to its full potential <3

I love how clean and tidy everything looks, I was amazed how beautiful everything looks despite having so many detolfs and shelves and things, it goes to show that presentation and a good aesthetic sense can bring out the best in our figures and our living space. Just you often see detolfs kind of cluttering up a room haphazardly, but this is beautiful, I love the idea of putting them on a cubby shelf.

Wonderful lighting on the shelves near the TV.

Looks like a really comfy place to hang out :)
1 year ago
Hiya, just curious where did you get the glass display cases from? They look amazing!
1 year ago
This is nice, looks similar to my setup but your room is much bigger than mine, bit jelly *laughs*
1 year ago
Wow!!! :O This is the best collection display I ever see so far! Congrats!!! It's very beautiful ^^ Now is my goal someday have something like this :D
2 years ago
Dream room
2 years ago
The detolfs look great! I really like what you did with the lighting.Your arrangement skills are on point too. Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
Be proud of your inner child

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