GoldfireGoldfire2 years ago

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I think I'm just about out of space...

I redid the lighting with newer 5630 LEDs for brighter output compared to the old 3528 LEDs.

Still using the five Vision display cabinets that were purchased from Fantastic Furniture in Australia

Older pictures for comparison are here
An older write up on how I did the wiring is available here

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Wait, what? Did you just tilt a Detolf and put it on top? Savage!
But really nice lighting *.*
2 years ago
take1232 years ago#52786183Woowww that detolf on top! And lights!

From the description, and how it’s used, I don’t think those are Detolfs. If you keep a Detolf horizontally, it will likely break apart. But these seem to have an additional two screws and metal supports to hold the glass into the base and top.
2 years ago
Beautiful collection !!!!! *o* Congrats !!!
2 years ago
Oh wow what a lovely collection, I was also thinking of getting the Fantastic Furniture display units when I move to the bigger space. A girl a can dream :D

Your set-up is goals right here.
2 years ago
take123 Bunny Farm
Woowww that detolf on top! And lights!
2 years ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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