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    Mar 05, 2019

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Beautiful pic !! *_*
11 months ago
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
wow amazing shot, I love the lights and the colors <3
1 year ago
So peaceful...just looking at this makes me feel relaxed
1 year ago
Another POTD with Rin Tohsaka! Yes Please!

Very nice picture. The setup is really perfect for this scale.

Wait, is the figure's bum floating of the bench?
1 year ago
I love what you've done with the lighting. The set, too. It's complex, but it doesn't overpower the figure. There's no question she's the most important thing in the photo. (Well, next to the kitty, of course!)
1 year ago
Great work on the set and lighting, this picture is soothing.
1 year ago
RagnarokInhuman1 year ago#53277468Hard to make a figure like this look even better but somehow you managedUutama1 year ago#53275475Amazing shot, amazing theme!bellechan1 year ago#53166313So lovely! Nice set up <3ONITAICHI1 year ago#53159623Beautiful diorama, great light!
Thank you~
1 year ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
beautifull picture and a nice diorama.
1 year ago
Hard to make a figure like this look even better but somehow you managed
1 year ago
Amazing shot, amazing theme!
1 year ago