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resin final_fantasy metal kotobukiya square_enix play_arts trading_arts collection sephiroth trading_arts_mini fenrir bandai cloud_strife final_fantasy_vii vincent_valentine goods static_arts ooparts aerith_gainsborough reno zack_fair cold_cast tifa_lockhart sculpture_arts polystone yuffie_kisaragi red_xiii cait_sith suntory sierra square lighter final_fantasy_vii:_advent_children final_fantasy_vii:_crisis_core final_fantasy_vii:_before_crisis rude final_fantasy_vii:_dirge_of_cerberus digicube die_cast coca_cola_x_squaresoft kadaj nomura_tetsuya knights_of_the_round barret_wallace pass_case bahamut_shin amano_shiro final_fantasy_-_trading_arts_mini_vol._4 shadow_creeper uematsu_nobuo taniguchi_jun'ichi safer_sephiroth takeya_takayuki blu-ray final_fantasy_heroines coca-cola_x_squaresoft final_fantasy_master_creatures_2 zippo_manufacturing_company final_fantasy_creatures_archive_-chromium- coca-cola final_fantasy_trading_arts_mini_vol._3 crisis_core:_final_fantasy_vii dirge_of_cerberus:_final_fantasy_vii before_crisis:_final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_vii_potion_with_trading_arts_mini taniguchi_junichi


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    Jun 17, 2011

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I got all my Final Fantasy VII goods and figures out of their cupboards and put them on a desk for a photo.

This was my first collection, and has been built up over a long time. I'm missing goods but I have almost every figure!

I can't list everything here (word limit) but the numbered items are:

Cloud vs Sephiroth Cold Cast (Limited to 1000)
All 12 Gold Phonecards (Limited to 3000 each)
Forgotten City Cold Cast (Limited to 3000)
Sephiroth Original Cold Cast (Limited to 3000)
Cloud Chrome Figure (Limited to 3000)
Crisis Core PSP (Limited to 77777)
Advent Children Pieces Limited Set (Limited to 77777)

There are some rare promotional items hidden amongst this lot. Most of the goods are ancient (1996-7) and aren't in the database.

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Great, PS3 looks awesome.
5 months ago
Wow! I wish I had that collection. Congrats man!
6 years ago
This is just awesome! I neeeeeeed so many of these things! :D
7 years ago
IMPRESSIVE !!!!! That Cloud vs Sephiroth statue makes me drooling so bad.
Ooo, i want that red play arts kai.
7 years ago
Beautiful collection ! it's very impressive !
7 years ago
OMG, that's an awesome collection. I'm so jealous. XD How long did it take you to gather all that? I recently started collecting FF stuff and it's taking me long to find something for a nice price, so I think I'll have a collection like yours 20 years from now. :/

Could you tell me where to get the Potion figures? I don't know where to search for them, and EVILbay's prices are horrible (almost as horrible as for the Zack secret Trading Arts figure, I want him too). :'(
8 years ago
Frickin_ChickenI could stare at this pic all day O_O It's like Where's Waldo, except everybody's Waldo

You mean everyone's Chocoboy. ^_^b
8 years ago
I could stare at this pic all day O_O It's like Where's Waldo, except everybody's Waldo
8 years ago
you're lucky !
9 years ago
Strife212 Original Blue
Thanks all :3
9 years ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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