Gamer goddness bath water for saleFigures/

zir0zir01 year ago


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xd hilarious
1 year ago
Absolutely hilarious! Well done lol
1 year ago
MangoMechaManiac1 year ago#63526285Is it weird that i want to drink it?
If you did, it'd likely be the PUREST water you've ever had :)
1 year ago
VertexCollection MFC Vertex
What a great price! I can smell the value.
1 year ago
Ah ah !! So funny ! x)
1 year ago
TeTe1 year ago#63523637...!?
What do people do with the water? It is dirty...
(So if I buy a cup of her water, and it has pub hair in there , can I sell it on eBay for triple the price?)

Yeah, idk too.But try to search it and you will see, as Voronarara-san and other member already gave us some example. This world kinda crazy isn't it
1 year ago
1 year ago
This is pure comedy Gold
1 year ago
Way to catch the the current internet meme topic de jour! Perfect! Love it!
1 year ago
I would like to purchase your entire stock please.
1 year ago