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About this picture

This is our anime room with over 4200 manga ^_^
In addition, our One Piece figure collection, nendoroids and anime blu-ray/DVD are located here.

More pictures from our collection, you can see on my Instagram profile :)

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You have a nice collection, congratulations I loved that...
8 months ago
This brings me so much joy :')
1 year ago
Damn... One day I'll want to have a room like that as well.
1 year ago
heekyunggx32 years ago#68265331where did you get your acrylic display cubes for your nendoroids?

I get the cubes from Ikea.
1 year ago
goddessxaqua Queen's Watchdog's Wife
where did you get your acrylic display cubes for your nendoroids?
2 years ago
Amazing room! What is the glass box called on the left side of the white table? It looks really nice :)
2 years ago
suffecool Not just cool... He's Suffecool
Those nine Love Live! birthday figures alone make this room worthy :)
2 years ago
this is #goals !! such a good inspiration pic. can't wait until i have a room like this one day.
2 years ago
I wish that I could have a room like this in the future.
2 years ago
SquareRagnarok2 years ago#64850443Woooow! what an amazing room! congratulation!,
BTW, what's that "black pikachu" book on the top of the picture?,

Thank you :)
That is a selfmade bookend xD
2 years ago
Best Goods from Japan

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