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Complete Naruto Nendoroid Collection

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All the Naruto nendoroids as of Aug. 2019, featuring the Plex Naruto D.P.C.F. 1/7 collection and my custom Sage Mode Naruto robe.

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it's great to see them all displayed together!
7 days ago
An excellent display.

I was only a casual fan of Naruto, but as a collector I love set-ups like this. good job getting them all! :D
15 days ago
illumi4Love (15 days ago) #65048224Cool, hope they make Orochimaru some day.
IKR? I want to have all the legendary Sannin together!

ptitange23 (15 days ago) #65048310Great collection !! Congrats ! :)
Thank you, friend!
15 days ago
Great collection !! Congrats ! :)
15 days ago
Cool, hope they make Orochimaru some day.
15 days ago