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    Aug 15, 2019
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    Aug 11, 2019 - Aug 17, 2019
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    Aug 2019

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Great photo! Absolutely love the color palette!
3 years ago
3 years ago
wow gorgeous pic!!
3 years ago
Blossoms in late August? Oh yeah I recall it must be peak spring right now in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy the season while out weather slowly gets chillier each day :D
3 years ago
This is incredibly beautiful and very eye catching! Well done!!
3 years ago
This is amazing! You made this figure even more beautiful and I really like the vibe of this p
3 years ago
Stunning absolutely stunning!!!
3 years ago
I think I found a new wallpaper! So pretty...
3 years ago
ceasol3 years ago#65508624So beautiful
Thank you!!
Cloudberry3 years ago#65508622Very pretty! I love how Miku pops among the pink flowers.
Thanks a lot. ^^-
astarte9523 years ago#65508442Wonderful!zir03 years ago#65507668nice collorsBeatlesPkmnFan3 years ago#65505503Beautiful!!! <3
Thank you!!
3 years ago
ptitange233 years ago#65509967Amazing pic !! Very good idea, beautiful colors !! <3
Thank you so much!!
Hououin3 years ago#65508701Wow, picture of the month.
hahaaha. I dont expect that much, but thanks a lot for cheering! <3
mitsuha3 years ago#65508657so pretty!! excellent work~
Thank you!! ^^
vallah3 years ago#65508639This is such a beautiful picture !!! The colors are so soft and nice, you did a great job!
Thank you so much!!! T-T
I was luck to have a clear sky, because, here in my country, this time of year, it's not very common.
Eyeland3 years ago#65508637Lovely~ The colours of these flowers suit her well~
Thank you so much!! <3
3 years ago
Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!

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