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    Sep 07, 2019

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I took this close-up after my Hubby took: PICTURE #2279968

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ceasol1 year ago#66682218Que beleza!
Obrigada =D
1 year ago
Levianneth1 year ago#66644487The colors are beautifuldymitr1 year ago#66648595Vibrant sweetness personified.sarasstuff1 year ago#66682227SO MUCH COLOURS AAAAAAAA
Thanks a lot, guys! I tried my best with the colors! I'm glad you like it ^^~
1 year ago
Aimathyst1 year ago#66641713Looove all the pink!
Thanks!! I love it too <3
1 year ago
1 year ago
Que beleza!
1 year ago
Vibrant sweetness personified.
1 year ago
The colors are beautiful
1 year ago
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
Looove all the pink!
1 year ago
Import from Japan

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