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    Oct 14, 2019
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Testing light for the best Fate's Egyptians.
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Nitocris looks so cool in the lighting!
9 months ago
They look perfect together to that background.
9 months ago
Aaaah so awesome!
10 months ago
At least should be picture of the year . Good job
10 months ago
Heldrik10 months ago#68680654Amazing! The work on the lighting is great.
Awesome picture of Nito-chan and OG Man Diaz.

Thank! Actually, I usually use a flash, but this time I tried a constant light, and it seems like it works well too.

Thorcsf10 months ago#68680785Amazing photo!
Thank you very much, glad you like it!
10 months ago
cirrostratus10 months ago#68738636AWESOME
insanecha10 months ago#68737601Not familiar with them, but they look really good.
furiosa10 months ago#68737593baddie alert
Laurelin10 months ago#68736860SO NICEEEE **dymitr10 months ago#68710580Nice.
Poison_Lady10 months ago#68709737This pic is just perfection ♥
hinreto10 months ago#68680852nice shot
BlueRain10 months ago#68686509Simple, but perfect.
Oh my god, thank you all so much! Sorry to answer with one comment, I’m embarrassed to write a lot of messages, but I’m incredibly pleased and every time I am happy when people like what I do >.<
You are amazing!

Kimm134Saya10 months ago#68713810Somehow they remind me of Persona 5's Futaba and Joker.
I never thought about it, but maybe something like this :^)
10 months ago
10 months ago
Not familiar with them, but they look really good.
10 months ago
baddie alert
10 months ago
10 months ago
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