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That large Mikasa figure looks sooo pretty! I also have her and like her a lot. Your collection looks nicely presented! :)
Currently I'm having issues with not having enough space - well, it might a good thing actually. ^_^"
8 months ago
This is the dream!!! I really want to do something like this at some point, but whatever comes into my brain, just feels off like it either seems like "too much" otaku or trying too hard to be tasteful, tell me your thought process
9 months ago
LukasCs9 months ago#71312261Which floating shelves are you using?

IKEA Lack shelves
9 months ago
Which floating shelves are you using?
9 months ago
This looks so good!!! I'm getting my first ever Billy shelf for Christmas, I can only hope to do something as pretty as you did. Great collection and setup!
9 months ago
AOS-9 months ago#71152892I couldn't find those damn doors at IKEA the last time I went. The ones they had on display didn't have a tag on em. The huge bezels on the oxberg doors reduces a lot of presentable display real estate.
Definitely have to upgrade next year.
That aside, I'm in love with your choice to put the AOTs and that Crescent Moon one where they are. It fits just right in this setting!

Thank you!I have to agree with you on the Oxberg doors. Exactly why I ended up going with the Morliden doors.
9 months ago
MoonDreamofA9 months ago#71130983Now this is what I call "tasteful otaku" home decor.Tofukins9 months ago#71152923Such a beautiful room!!Klon9 months ago#71152898Stylish room, verY nice.chronicvillainy9 months ago#71152507Lovely setup! :D

Thank you everyone! It means a lot that you like it
9 months ago
teakoi9 months ago#71151047Awesome setup! :D
What did you use for the lighting? :)

Thank you! Also I'm using regular OMLOPP lights for the top and a OMLOPP countertop light for the bottom half
9 months ago
Such a beautiful room!!
9 months ago
Klon Solo Rei basta!
Stylish room, verY nice.
9 months ago
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