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    Dec 31, 2019

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I saw this pic and just 2 days later, my friend got me this as a gift!? blessings abound in 2020 you guys
8 months ago
I love your photo so much that I made it my new phone wallpaper! ♡
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8 months ago
new year begins with mikus smile. perfect begin!
8 months ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Despite the grainess of the photo, the lights look so warm and inviting! Actually, it probably adds to the charm of it, like an old Christmas photo.

The use of real lights around her is a very nice touch.
8 months ago
I was in shock when I realized that this is a prize figure.
8 months ago
Really love this pic.
8 months ago
Happy new year to you too Miku!
8 months ago
this is absolutely beautiful ♡
8 months ago
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