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About this picture

Orleans Assault!
It has been very hard, for many weeks I have slept very few hours to finish this work.
Several images are from Barcelona, the medieval area, and many other images and textures from my personal archive, also used images from pexels.com and pixabay.com.

Soldiers and others elements are made in Blender. I haven't modeled the soldiers (no enough time), I downloaded a basic model from turbosquid.com and I’ve modified, multiplied and textured him in different positions, in addition to introducing and modelling some weapons, and helmets.


I have been inspired in old paintings of epic battles, and illustrations by various artists. Where you can see a lot of details besides the protagonist. I upload in a good resolution if you want to see more details on computer.

Hope you like it!


Comments44 comments

Excelente foto !!!!!
11 months ago
Reaper34781 year ago#75918759Oh my god! Good job!

Thank you so much!
1 year ago
Oh my god! Good job!
1 year ago
astarte9521 year ago#75414687This is amazing.

Thank you very much!!
1 year ago
This is amazing.
1 year ago
Crochet761 year ago#74633551Awsome!!! I love it!!!

Thank you very much!! Glad you like it!
1 year ago
Awsome!!! I love it!!!
1 year ago
Felicity7271 year ago#73485558Way too much photoshop... looks cheap and videogamish, could've just used the promoting photo of the figure and slap everything else on top xDD LMAO

Muy triste debe ser tu vida para crearte una cuenta solo para menospreciar, insultar y votar a tus ¿amiguitos? Espero que al denunciar tu cuenta te baneen por IP para que no hagas más cosas como estas, y si tienes más perfiles para hacer lo mismo, los cierren todos.
1 year ago
Felicity7271 year ago#73485558Way too much photoshop... looks cheap and videogamish, could've just used the promoting photo of the figure and slap everything else on top xDD LMAO

Your criticism is unconstructive. You can’t value this type of images as a normal picture, if you don’t like it, I respect it, but please, if you don’t know the work needed to make it, don’t belittle, please!
To build this photomontage I have worked for more than a month, several hours a day. I have made several trips, and I have spent money. I have used new materials, and I have learned many things.

If you tell me that just putting up the promotional image is enough, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I have carefully studied the lighting and the position, I have made more than 30 shots to the figure, with different illuminations to be able to get the bright effect on his armour, and fire. It has been particularly difficult to get proper illumination on her face due to the headband.

These types of images pretend to go beyond a simple picture, closer to an illustration. Photoshop is nothing more than a tool that allows the artist to go beyond reality, performing a photomontage with elements that I haven't been able to gather in reality, but thanks to photoshop, are possible on my computer.

I think it’s important to respect work, and effort, above all else.

I repeat, if you don’t like my work, I respect it. But don’t belittle it, please, no need to disrespect me.
1 year ago
AOS-1 year ago#73202370I appreciate the level of work and thought put into it. Sadly it's the scale and perspective of the buildings in the back that took away from the realism for me. It doesn't quite line up with Jeanne being shot the qay she is.
Still freaking cool overall though. Fire by the feet is exactly what I imagined when I looked at the base.

Thank you very much for your comment! In this project, I’ve been very careful with perspectives, distances, and sizes. I took many distance measures to maintain realism, and a 3D mapping too. All objects are in the same focal length, 24 mm. Jeanne, no, she's at 50 mm focal length, to avoid distortion generated by the wide angle. It's a resource widely used in these compositions, a small hoax to achieve a greater impact of the main product without diatorsion. Jalter is elevated from the ground to gain more presence. In this type of compositions a global result is more important, following a great visual impact, this being more important than being very strict technically. This is not an excuse, it is an explanation of what is the reason for having made the image in this way. I appreciate your comment anyway! In my next composition I will be more careful.
Thank you!
1 year ago
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