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    Jan 08, 2020

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''What would you do if I become a bad person...? ''
Shot inspired in Aimer's song for Lost Butterfly. Diorama is actually built,( snow, trees and Sakura's ''shadow'' ) , not digitally made :)

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AcidPunk8 months ago#73543335<3

٩(♡ε♡ )۶
8 months ago
8 months ago
Jenthehen8 months ago#73542778Great shot!

Thank you so much!! glad you liked it ^^
8 months ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Great shot!
8 months ago
Felicity7278 months ago#73486664Oh god, thats definitely impressive!! You used another figure of the same character to take the photo, thats insane and pretty badass if you asked me... thanks for the reply!

Aww thanks haha >///< I don't know, sometimes just doing things simple works pretty well, so that's my way of working in my setups haha. But anyway, thanks for the compliments and comments, I'm really glad you liked the pic ^_^
8 months ago
Felicity7278 months ago#73486363Wait, you said it's not digitally made so, how did you make the black and red rays if I can ask??

Yeah, the setup is not digitally made.The rays are from Gift's Dark Sakura ( ITEM #11134 ) , I safely overlaped the Dark Sakura with Banpresto one and merged it with the snow and the other stuff so only the rays were visible.
Only used photoshop for light & color edits ^^
8 months ago
Felicity7278 months ago#73484866Good picture <3

Thank you :) I'm happy you liked it

Nia_fl8 months ago#73484610I would not expect anything less from you. Minimal photoshop usage and a lot of background creating skills. Also, after watching the movies this really reflects Sakura and makes me see the figure in a way I would not see otherwise. Simply incredible!

Awww thank you Nia <3 <3 The idea for this setup has been rounding my mind for a while and I'm kinda happy with the result.Working on the setup was quite fun so I had a great time with this shoot haha

Isobe_nya8 months ago#73484378Wow!Its a beautiful picture of a kinda simple figure, very amazing!

Thank you so much, glad you liked it ^^
8 months ago
Wow!Its a beautiful picture of a kinda simple figure, very amazing!
8 months ago
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