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Honkai Impact 3rd Sakura Yae Chinese Dress Ver. 1/8 Figure or Yae Sakura 1/8 Mandarin Gown Ver.
[Bonus] Acrylic Stand

Origin - Honkai Impact 3rd
Character - Yae Sakura
Companies - APEX / miHoYo

Height - 30cm

Shipping Cost Breakdown
19,000 yen / 230.09 CAD - Suruga-ya

6,600 yen - International Shipping
+ 700 yen - From Japan Shopping Proxy Service
Total 7,300 yen/ 88.26 CAD

Final Price
26,300 yen / 318.35 CAD

EMS Delivery
Figure Package have evidence of being dropped as box clear plastic outer shell was cracked at the corner. Cause was from retailer side when packaging. Figure contents undamaged.
8 days ago
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