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Hackmanite Hanami

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Since some of the trees in my neighborhood are already starting to bloom, I decided to continue my photo streak of Stongers Hanairogoromo figures. I don’t know if those trees are cherry trees but for a guy like me, all trees white small with blossoms are basically Japanese Sakura trees.

For this photo I asked my local garden centre if they would let me shoot the picture at their side, so that I can use some of the plants and luckily, they agreed. So, if you ever visit my turf check out the garden and flower shop Rizi and also support your local stores in general. Especially in times like this. But enough with the preaching, enjoy the Northern Hemisphere spring time. Can’t wait for all those beautiful flower figure photos.

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Reaper3478 (15 days ago) #76531323Beautiful ! Good Job !

femaleotakugeek (15 days ago) #76510524Simply beautiful<3

Asphroxia (15 days ago) #76509893Lovely figure and lovely setup!

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it.

I also wrote a blog entry on this project with some thoughts and bonus pictures. Enjoy!
15 days ago
Beautiful ! Good Job !
15 days ago
Simply beautiful<3
15 days ago
Asphroxia Nightmare
Lovely figure and lovely setup!
15 days ago
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