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    May 03, 2020

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Hello everyone, everything good ?
continuing my FigureXGame project, where I gather figures with video games.

For today we have the Nintendo 64, and one of its most iconic games Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

The idea of making a 64 as a temple was a mix of something very recurring in the game, along with the Fanbase of that console that even today sees it as a sacred temple of its childhood games

I hope you like it, see you next time

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This photo series is one of the most creative works I have ever seen.
2 months ago
Love it, I actually still have my original N64 from my childhood and it’s the same color as yours.
2 months ago
Fantastic! I love it.
2 months ago
This is such a clever idea!
2 months ago
The N64 blends in surprisingly well with those stone columns. Excellent shot. :D
2 months ago
PVC anime figure store.

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