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    Jul 07, 2020
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About this picture

Some backstage, lol!
I was very lucky not to drown myself in this swamp.
And work with portable light sources is nice. In addition to these tiny bulbs, I had a bright diode strip which I highlighted the figure so that it stood out against a dark background.
And ofc you can see fullsize on flickr!

I'm use 24-70 f4.0 lens for this^ and this photo PICTURE #2470795
and 40mm f2.8 lens for this PICTURE #2470793

I hope you will like it!

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LOVE it, beautiful!!!
4 months ago
Hakumu4 months ago#80513999Как красиво!)
Спасибо! :3
4 months ago
Как красиво!)
4 months ago
4 months ago
So stunning! Love it!
4 months ago
Natsume! I love this series so much (my ACNH character is Natsume from Yuujinchou) and this figure seems by far the best one out there. You did an amazing job with the setting and lighting. Thanks for sharing :3
4 months ago
I have the older version of this figure. It was my first figure and it’s still one of my favourites. You’ve captured this beautifully! It’s as if the figure is meant for this scene!
4 months ago
Awesome picture, I love how well the base blends with the surroundings and the composition of the picture too...sugoi!
4 months ago
amazing! natsume is one of my favorite figures, and this really shows why, i'm so impressed, thanks so much for posting, you made my day <3
4 months ago
One of the most beautiful pics I have seen on here!
4 months ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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