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    Jul 14, 2020

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Much smaller in scale compared to my normal workspace (PICTURE #2432736): my workarea at my mothers place! Here I also have a small room, where I work and draw when I visit her in Germany (I do live in Denmark) ♥ its the same room as this one: PICTURE #2110209

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Aimaileafy6 months ago#80369942Thankyou! ♥
Thats actually no display case, but just an aquarium! So it can only be opened at the top, The white shelf is just a white board lying on top in order to close it.

Thanks so much for letting me know! It's a fantastic way to display your figures. I seriously love everything about your room.
6 months ago
you're room is literally magical
6 months ago
I adore your set up! And especially the Stardust figure! I'm so sad that I can't find her on here, I want to add her to my wished list but she never shows up...

Anyway, your set up is gorgeous and big goals for me! ^^
6 months ago
This is beautiful! <333 Can I ask what figure is that one with the moon? :O
6 months ago
chachachow disaster zone
I love living vicariously through your setup pics ;; your taste and placement are always impressive and give off the most romantic feel. Your love for magical girls shines through; it definitely sparks joy!

Maybe one day I can have a setup this beautiful QQ
6 months ago
Oh WOW there's so much I love in this. The diorama arrangements with Stardust/etc and the star lights and the books is just totally gorgeous and I'm feeling really tempted to try something similar on my desk?? I seriously can't even tell you how high key my aesthetic that is haha~ And speaking of which, on top of all that, I see you have a bunch of Sugarmints art? She's honestly one of my favorite artists and I have a ton of her stuff hanging up as well. (I'm also really taken with the cover art for that Madoka Illustration Collection--I miiiiight add that to my list of things that I casually look for when I'm bored and browsing proxy stuff. :p)

Weird question, but can I ask what the two dark colored books with the gold lettering are? (The one under Stardust and the one standing up by the Madoka Portable box.) I can't quite make out the titles, but I'm a literature scholar and I love interesting editions and book history and all that. :)
6 months ago
Those Princess Tutu figures... excellent taste!
6 months ago
Its so cute and comfy, I just want to work there too and do extra hours everyday hahaha

So lovely ❤
6 months ago
LittlePisces6 months ago#80404314Everything looks comfy. Like mentioned above, I love your Stardust! I just got her a few weeks ago and it's nice seeing her in this photo. She matches well with the star lights. <3
Also loving the Homura and Madoka figures. Especially that cool Homu wallpaper!
Speaking of the star lights, where did you buy them at?

Thankyou so much for your lovely words ♥! Yes Stardust is such a beautiful figure. I just adore her characterdesign and I hope that we will get to see another figure of her uwu ♥

Now is the question... which stars xD? There are so many *laughs* Well, those smaller stars inside the glasscabinets are from Ikeas christmas collection back in... uhm 2018 I think. They where sold in super cute boxes! But I think they are sold every year. Those hanging from the wall are from a local building market, but I guess if you search at your amazon for vintage lightbulbs you will also find them. Those on the desk are from a french decoration shop "Maisons du Monde" ♥
6 months ago
Aimaileafy6 months ago#80404282Thankyou so much! Oh and a Joker-high-five >w< ♥ Its not really visable here, but I also collect Persona 5 merch ♥
You have good taste indeed. Incredible collection! Sent you a FR too hehe :)
6 months ago