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    Sep 21, 2020

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From the day I brought Elias home, I wanted to recreate the cover of volume 1 of Ancient Magus Bride. I had never bought Nendoroids before, had faith a Chise would soon follow (why don’t you love me, Good Smile Company?), had certainly never customized a Nendoroid or built a dollhouse, and had only the vaguest idea of how my camera worked.

If I had known everything it would take to get this shot... No, even then I knew it would be a long road. I would do it over again.


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KiruKiru1 month ago#83663501Still hope they rerelease Elias and give us Chise

I hope so, too. If mine ever gets damaged, I couldn't replace him. It worries me constantly.

Patrickstarsfart1 month ago#83690861<3

29 days ago
1 month ago
Still hope they rerelease Elias and give us Chise
1 month ago
Wario541 month ago#83656036I’m blown away whenever I see your Chise custom! You did such a great job with the set too, love it!

I'm flattered you like her! The set is a Cathy's Flower House. I made mine with an open roof so I can place figures in it.
1 month ago
THICCLING1 month ago#83655822i love this so much ;u; i wish they made a chise nendoroid

Me, too. Every time they do a figure request survey, I beg for Chise. There are several customs floating around now. Surely they can see how much we want it!
1 month ago
MetalSam0251 month ago#83658701lulu8571 month ago#83642405

You're gonna make me blush!
1 month ago
heroizumi1 month ago#83656898
Tofukins1 month ago#83659554

Thank you! She has had some upgrades along the way, so I can't pretend to be a fast learner. ^_~

I keep hoping they'll release him again. (I want a second one, just in case this one is ever damaged!) Maybe when the next season of the anime comes out... ;_;
1 month ago
Oh man this Chise custom is absolutely amazing~~~!

I never got Elias but I am hoping they'll eventually rerelease him
1 month ago
This picture is worth 1k
1 month ago
Awesome! Great custom, especially for your first try!! Your little room set up looks incredible too!!! Excellent work!!
Jealous I missed out on Elias. Just hoping for a re-release and maybe an official Chise ;__;
1 month ago