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    Oct 03, 2020

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It’s Kurumi time! I love this character, I think that she deserves a pic, I hope you like it!
Zafkiel is designed in Blender, it has been my first experience with hardsurface modelling, and it has been very interesting, I still have a lot to learn!
Thanks to Nin nin Game for helping me to get this figure made by Alter!




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Sirnimblybottoms4 days ago#87138670This is the best Kurumi photo I've seen by far. You're taste is fantastic, thank you for sharing <3

A pleasure for me! Thank you so much for your comment!
4 days ago
This is the best Kurumi photo I've seen by far. You're taste is fantastic, thank you for sharing <3
4 days ago
Great picture, Kurumi looks awesome!!
1 month ago
I2acso1 month ago#84338527Increible la foto. Y la figura es de 10 :D

Muchas gracias!

La figura es un 12, y la foto le hace justicia lo que puede, pero no llego. En persona es muy chula.
1 month ago
Hououin1 month ago#84338340Wonderful picture

Thank you so much!
1 month ago
Cinti1 month ago#84338337Una pasada de modelaje 3D! Me encantan los brillos de del vestido, increíble trabajo

Muchas gracias! Espero poder seguir aprendiendo y mejorar un poco más cada vez. La figura en realidad es preciosa!
1 month ago
AgentDrafire1 month ago#84294033This looks so good, you did a great job!

Thank you so much! I glad you like it!
1 month ago
Shin_Sei1 month ago#84293374Looks cool! Kawai Kurumi :)

Kawaii, kawaii... but with a gun! Thank you!!
1 month ago
Archiwheel1 month ago#84293368Great work!

Thank you! I'm really happy for your comment!
1 month ago
Loria1 month ago#84293350Epic! <3

Thank you so much!
1 month ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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