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zir0zir022 days ago


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    Oct 08, 2020

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super cute
20 days ago
Aqua: "Kazuma" *hic!* "Kazumaaa...." "He...." (starts to sway while holding mug also spilling the beer) "He said I spwend all our money on beer!" "I don't do that, do I Meguschwin!?" (Starts to cry uncontrollably while grabbing Megumin)

Megumin thinking: "oh god, hear we go again...."
20 days ago
Beautiful shot!
20 days ago
Looks like a Robot Chicken happening. XD Use with Figmas
20 days ago
Why are pictures of Aqua in dismay always the funniest
21 days ago
Good one zir0 :)!
21 days ago
Aqua: *hic* Kazuma called me useless again! Waaaaah!

Megumin: Oh god. She's crying again. Kazuma is right.
22 days ago