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    Oct 11, 2020

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Very great pic !!!
9 days ago
Epic shot!
10 days ago
so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 days ago
Just got her myself and was thinking how appropriate it was for Halloween. Then I see this picture almost right after. Wonderful set up! Also your username works quite well in this case too.
10 days ago
None of these other photos compared to this. It's beautiful! Whoever took it is probably an angel or some kind of saint. Think of the time it took to set all this up. This human must have a beautiful soul. If they spent this much time setting up figures imagine how careful they will be with your heart in their hand?
10 days ago
such an amazing picture!!! it’s so spööky i love it
10 days ago
yay i found you! also this is so good, i can tell you put a lot into it :)
10 days ago
such a beautiful photo ^^
10 days ago
gorgeous as always
10 days ago
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