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    Oct 12, 2020

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amazing, I hope my collection looks this good one day
8 hours ago
take123 Bunny Farm
9 days ago
Wow, your little collection sure has grown! Looks good!
9 days ago
Works better for the light, but I didnt even notice the window at first...everything almost perfectly covered all the walls here. The room somehow felt like a basement, dark and croweded.

Yet Ane Naru Mono's Tapestry adds a bit of mystical taste, along with lights and a black cat, suddenly turns the room into a secret magical hideout...

Probably not intended, but still, interesting and amazing.
9 days ago
Love the lighting in this photo, makes the place look so cozy!
9 days ago
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying from mandarake
Wow!! This is a really nice display!! Your cat is very cute too!!
9 days ago
Beautiful! That kitty too! xD <3
9 days ago
HimikoKitten9 days ago#84757777She is a b1 sized tapestry, and I got her from Mandarake about a year ago! This is the title of how it was listed on Mandarake since the link isn't working, "Toranoana (Poti.) "My sister made those complete works 2" paid Bonus Item B1 tapestry".

i'll have to keep an eye out, she's gorgeous <3 thanks for the info!
9 days ago
_kokiri9 days ago#84757785omg thanks so much!! do you know if you used one set for one detolf? sorry for all the questions!!My boyfriend actually set them up, and I think he used about 15ft per detolf!
9 days ago
_kokiri a mongrel
omg thanks so much!! do you know if you used one set for one detolf? sorry for all the questions!! HimikoKitten9 days ago#84757779Heyo~ They are DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights from Amazon! I hope this helps :3
9 days ago