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    Nov 02, 2020

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Kamiosu Harem Master
<3 !!!
2 months ago
Awwww so adorable <3
2 months ago
So adorable!
2 months ago
Thank you guys, really appreciate you watching and liking my picture. It’s the first time I get POTD. I start figure photography one year ago. I took many photos which I think is pretty good but after I upload to internet, those pictures didn’t get much attention. I was once even considering giving up. Today’s award dose mean a lot to me. Again, guys thank you so much.
2 months ago
This is so cute! I love Yoshino's figure ;-; (I only have her nendo tho)
2 months ago
Too bad there aren't many user photos of that figure. But I am happy you made a beautiful and crafted one. ^_^
2 months ago
Asphroxia Nightmare
aaaaa what a cute little setup <3
2 months ago
BunnyWithWings2 months ago#85819512Thank you for liking my photo XD
No problem, it was well deserved! :) Congrats on the POTD as well :)!
2 months ago
ddarko2 months ago#85803359That is a really nice setup and shot! Love the lighting :)! Thank you for liking my photo XD
2 months ago
That is a really nice setup and shot! Love the lighting :)!
2 months ago
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