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    Dec 26, 2020
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    Dec 20, 2020 - Dec 26, 2020

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Room update 2020

This is our anime room with over 4700 manga ^_^
In addition, our One Piece figure collection, nendoroids and anime blu-ray/DVD are located here.

More pictures from our collection, you can see on my Instagram profile :)

RoomTour @YouTube:

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Dusting must be hell)
1 month ago
Just one word to describe this set up: DAMN.
2 months ago
Damn, Thats good and there's me with one Ikea bookcase full :D
2 months ago
It looks like as if it's a library fully dedicated to Japanese Pop Culture. It feels welcoming too, really like it (y)
2 months ago
Uhhh can I come live with you????? Dream house (♥ω♥ )
2 months ago
I think this is what heaven looks like
2 months ago
wow, here I though I had a little library going in my room lol
2 months ago
This is the dream!
2 months ago
So nice and clean! My favorite part is the little Kimi no Na wa display box!
2 months ago
Beautiful and looks so clean <3
With bookcases on both walls and detolfs in the middle, it's such a spacious room! Awesome arrangement. (◍ ´꒳` ◍)b
2 months ago
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