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My Collection with Govee RGBiC 2M TV Ledstrips, you can find it on Amazon.

I control them with Outlet compatible Alexa to turn on/off

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The lights are awesome! great collection :D
4 months ago
you have such a beautiful room and setup <3
4 months ago
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
I love, love, loooooove your set up but I ESPECIALLY love your risers and the hierarchy you built in each Nendo shelf! This is great inspiration. ❤
4 months ago
Yatta_ Migeru
Aeyvah4 months ago#89992684Where did u got ur vitrines I really like them

Detolf IKEA
4 months ago
Where did u got ur vitrines I really like them
4 months ago
Yatta_ Migeru
Wow thx everyone !

So for the questions :

- Detolfs : Ledstrips Govee 2M lenght tv version ( Amazon )

⚠️ Do not cut the leds it’s not recommanded you will domage their fonction. Thats why the top of my Detolfs are in form « L » ⚠️

- Lights TV : Philips Hue, and ledstrip. I choose them because my TV have Ambilight fonction.

- TikTok Link :


It’s in French but you can see a few steps quickly.

- to connect ledstrips in USB use Ravpower you can find on Amazon too, 4 slots usb or 6.

- I will show you soon the Risers for Nendoroid i have done with tutorial here.
4 months ago
Yatta_4 months ago#89991597
I few months ago i have show some steps from my TikTok i can drop you on PM.

Could You, please, also send me these pics/movies? Would really appreciate it! Awesome setup! :)
4 months ago
Wow! Great job! The setup looks fantastic!
4 months ago
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
this looks amazing!
4 months ago
Where did you get the lights? So cool
Edit:never mind
4 months ago