Deku baby~ Happy Valentine's DayFiguresCreative Ideas

ribbitfrogribbitfrog18 days ago

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Awesome pic for V Day!
13 days ago
noooo! who used the 'Til Death Do Us Part quirk on us????

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hee hee, he's mine!!
17 days ago
Best end for best girl
17 days ago
17 days ago
Now as much as I love to see girls get what they want... Poor baby, Deku!!! Somebody get him out of there ='(
17 days ago
Me: Do you, Himiko Toga to take this hero to be your husband.

Himiko: I do. *giggle*

Me: And do you, Izuku Midoriya, take this....

Izuku: Help me, Uraraka-san.
17 days ago