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About this picture

[Edit] Since this picture got so big, I feel I should add something:

This is my office / guest room. It is very crowded but the sizes of bedrooms in these "eco"-apartments are all small and my manga/anime-related collection really doesn't go with the decor of the rest of my appartment, so this has to do for the moment.

I always try to stay within the pastel range, especially the colours blue, pink and yellow without going too "kitsch", which is why I put the dark books on the lower shelves but it's really hard to find a balance.

There are three more shelves on the right of the make up table, all within this colour range, mostly dedicated to figures and doujins. On the other side, there is a guest bed (as you can see in the mirror of the make up table) and two additional shelves filled mostly with books.

Thank you to everyone who liked this picture and/or left a comment! <3 I am sorry if can't get back to you but know that I appreciate it!

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caramelle ᵔᴥᵔ
room goals, honestly <3
11 days ago
SirNimblyBottoms The Lolimancer
Damn pastel is such a good choice for displays and collections
16 days ago
this radiates comfort, honestly
16 days ago
Qlucier Goddess of Love
This is literally the cutest room I've ever seen
16 days ago
Beautiful, simply beautiful, I hope to one day have a room/office like this when I get my own place!
16 days ago
goals, everything about your collection rocks!
16 days ago
Noice room! Nice to see another illustrator with the contiq + ipad combo. Lol
16 days ago
Nice wing zero
16 days ago
This has to be magical girl's room!
16 days ago
Finally a Sailor Moon-collection that I love looking at! *Q* This is sooo beautiful! I love the colors. Its so well-balanced and not clustered at all. I really love this set-up! And a high-five to a fellow artists <3 ♥
16 days ago