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    Mar 28, 2021

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Taken w/ Canon Rebel T7
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omoonbunnyo15 days ago#94695433beautiful and stunning bestie thank you love! <33Abductional15 days ago#94695459So pretty!! thank you so much!!! Ily <3gamecollectibles15 days ago#94695737Gorgeous!! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful ;;I love you sm thank you!! <3
14 days ago
Nice picture with great colors and lighting, but the flowers should be purple since Yukari is the subject. Perhaps some viola odorata or some pansies.
14 days ago
Well that's interesting. Touhou doesn't usually have so much boobies.
14 days ago
gamecollectibles Queen's Watchdog's Wife
Gorgeous!! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful ;;
15 days ago
So pretty!!
15 days ago
beautiful and stunning bestie
15 days ago
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