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    Mar 30, 2021

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Wow okay, that's a pretty sick set-up!
10 days ago
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
The two best Vocaloids <3
10 days ago
I love everything about this ♡
10 days ago
Pichow11 days ago#94789595Super cleaver with the setup!RockGodItachi10 days ago#94840198Cool idea an awesome shot! :Dseasteas10 days ago#94840274love this!!!Jnk129610 days ago#94841481It's so simple but it looks so good!!MikuLeeku10 days ago#94841492I love this!
Thank you everyone! *-*
10 days ago
I'd give two 5 star ratings if I could - one for the figures and one for the classic stereo/receiver setup.
10 days ago
I love this!
10 days ago
It's so simple but it looks so good!!
10 days ago
love this!!!
10 days ago
Cool idea an awesome shot! :D
10 days ago
Super cleaver with the setup!
11 days ago
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