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    Apr 01, 2021
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    Mar 28, 2021 - Apr 03, 2021

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Since Abigail is hugging a plushie in her right arm, I've based my diorama setup on that by giving her a room full of plushies with a trunk overflowing with toys no less, with a gothic style setting and lighting to match. You can also see it as some kind of antique shop too. Everything in the scene are real, actual objects. Photo was color graded to create a vintage feel.

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Que bonita,esta genial!
9 days ago
10 days ago
What the heck, I clicked on Picture of the Day, before I even clicked I knew it was ExKurogane, no one else has his kind of detail.
10 days ago
This is so neat omg
13 days ago
chachachow disaster zone
Incredible lighting and setup, serious talent here ❤️
13 days ago
Love this photo so much, great shot!
13 days ago
This captures Abby to a tee ;3
13 days ago
I really love the gothic mood in this!
And I greatly appreciate how you detailed about where you got your items from and how you prepared the whole scene; especially the part about Lightroom. (If this part could be a little bit slower in the videos, it'd be easier to follow ^^)
Great work and photograph! Subscribed.
14 days ago
Now that's a great picture of lil' Abby, the warm lightning and cozy set are perfect. Sasuga, EXkurogane.
14 days ago
Thank you for including behind the scenes of your photo, very cute photo too ^^
14 days ago