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    Apr 09, 2021

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Am I the only one who is old-school and collects CDs?

While I was writing in my collection-room I just suddenly thought "damn my music collection is a mess" and as soon as I've finished the chapter, I sat down and did some touch-ups /o/

Here is the before and after: twitter.com/Aim...

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i prefer owning most media psychically, including cds, but my setup sure isn’t as pretty as this one ^^ so cute!
1 month ago
Oh, I really like this... I want a room like that! Beautiful!
1 month ago
Nope I love my physical stuff
1 month ago
Good Omens spotted
1 month ago
I love collecting CDs, mainly oldies but goldies music oriented!

Love the setup BTW, it looks gorgeous and so aesthetically pleasing!
1 month ago
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying JoJo stuff
CDs are a massive focus of my collection!! I love collecting them!! All media, really. I enjoy it more than figures and goods, honestly. I think it displays better like that. And it tends to be a lot cheaper!

Also, I've told you before, but your collection set ups are soooo so gorgeous! So ethereal and pretty!
1 month ago
Allanah Wallet Destroyer
I collect CDs too! So i know what you mean. And i never thought collecting CDs could be as ecpensive as it is T.T
1 month ago
so pretty! I love the idea of placing a branch inside your space!
every picture of your room is inspiring!
speaking of...i need to clean mine right now ToT
1 month ago
Ah yes. Every setup should include a Rem. Much love<3. Love the branches :)
1 month ago
Is that a real branch!? °-° It looks so cute, I love the neat yet playful display.
I also collect CDs, but more to support the artists... some covers are lovely too, though.
So well done!! <3 <3 <3 Once again decoration goals
1 month ago
Be proud of your inner child

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