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    May 22, 2021

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my current detolf & bookcase setup! things will change as i get new pre-orders in and order more figures but for now i am happy! also my vanilla shelf on the detolf is heavily inspired by the user maid on mfc! i couldn't help but absolutely adore how they set it up ♡
(yes i put bloomers on my vanilla 1/4 (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵))

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omg this is gorgeous, the vanilla shelf is perfect~
20 days ago
i love your setup so much!
1 month ago
Ya, I just found it: ITEM #604596
1 month ago
cs32x21 month ago#97250179Figurine on top left doesn't seem to be linked. I cannot find it.
If it’s the one on the very top I didn’t link because she’s hardly in the picture. It’s hatsune miku 1/4 my dear bunny.
1 month ago
Figurine on top left doesn't seem to be linked. I cannot find it.
1 month ago
A dedicated shelf to best girls Kotori and Mari? And some extra hidden birbs?? So pretty! I love your arrangement. I need to make a dedicated best girl shelf some time as well
1 month ago
picture of the day as it should be<3
1 month ago
xisaelx11 month ago#97211255what are the characters in the top right?
All the figures in this picture are linked
1 month ago
dat bunny miku is prolly the best prize figure there is.
1 month ago
SirNimblyBottoms The Lolimancer
Goddamn this is too adorable
1 month ago
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