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marrieletsgomarrieletsgo5 months ago


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    Jun 21, 2021

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Setup View of my Room as of 6/21/2021

I got that new shelf last week, I hand painted it with the same technique i used for the table in my setup, so they could both match!, also moved my favorite manga and some figures there!

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pumpkincandys5 months ago#98073768love your setup !!♡ i love you more :)
5 months ago
pumpkincandys ♡ cute girl enthusiast ♡
love your setup !!♡
5 months ago
goddessxaqua5 months ago#98063039BEAUTIFUL SETUP BESTIE simply kisses u so hard beztie
5 months ago
spacedandy5 months ago#98063054your aesthetic is so perfect!! NO YOU
5 months ago
your aesthetic is so perfect!!
5 months ago
goddessxaqua Queen's Watchdog's Wife
5 months ago