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lilshallotlilshallot16 days ago


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    Jul 13, 2021
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Awesome background!
6 days ago
Very cool berserker!
8 days ago
omoonbunnyo15 days ago#98374730absolutely beautiful! the lighting and angle is perfect ♡

Thank you!! :D
12 days ago
riceball-girl15 days ago#98374941This looks so cool! I love the lighting, angle, and the stained glass window behind him.

Thank you !! :)
14 days ago
This looks so cool! I love the lighting, angle, and the stained glass window behind him.
15 days ago
absolutely beautiful! the lighting and angle is perfect ♡
15 days ago
MisterDr3W15 days ago#98373906Every single one of these pictures with this figure are so GODLIKE!
I especially feel the intense aroma around this one! He’s so badass! >_<

Thanks a lot my friend, I made this pic with a vibe in mind, I'm so glad it translated good into the pic :)
15 days ago
Michael015 days ago#98373939whoa im in total awe, I can't wait to start taking pictures like this with my berserker figure. Amazing work! o.o

Be sure to let me know when you upload those pics :D I`s a really nice figure :D Thanks bro ;)
15 days ago
chachachow15 days ago#98374656This is incredible :O
ptitange2315 days ago#98374612So cool !! *_* Great pic !!
Tailslide15 days ago#98374319So sick!
Maidragon15 days ago#98374176ImpressiveSanatea15 days ago#98373738This is so good

Thanks a bunch bros, I really appreciate your comments :D
15 days ago
Heldrik15 days ago#98374556Simply awesome, as usual. Sasuga, lilshallot, you never fail to deliver amazing pictures.
Seeing Black Knight Lancelot like this, he kinda reminds me of the Azure Knight waiting for his opponent in a ruined cathedral while this awesome piece plays.

Thanks bro! I really appreciate this. Indeed, this pic was conceived to give it a Boss Fight vibes, like if it was a Dark souls Series boss fight. Thanks for the memories with that song :D
15 days ago
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