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    Aug 25, 2021

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Was literally just talking about how bad I wanted a figure of Moka and this bad boy pops up as pic of the day! I love to see this anime get love, very nostalgic <3.
25 days ago
the angle and lighting makes this figure look even more prettier than it is already, love how you did it :)
25 days ago
Oh I love this lighting! The angle makes it even better, it's really a whole scene, great job❤️
25 days ago
Wonderful photo! I love Rosario + Vampire, and am always happy to see other fans of it!
25 days ago
I love Moka❤️
Rosario Vampire was such a good series (Manga not the Anime...)
I wish some company would release a new figure of her. The quality has improved so much from the old ones.
Thank you for presenting her in this beautiful arrangement! It made me very happy to see her on the front page as picture of the day.
25 days ago
2Bee25 days ago#100288493Ooh nostalgic series. Great lighting and colors!

Thank you!
25 days ago
Wario5425 days ago#100288171Beautiful shot!
Thanks a lot :)
25 days ago
Ooh nostalgic series. Great lighting and colors!
25 days ago
Beautiful shot!
25 days ago
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