a bit of what my current collection looks like :) 9/2/21CollectionsFigure Collection

shinjilkarishinjilkari1 month ago

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trying to post pictures here to keep track of my collection growth! one day.. ill have all the kaworu nagisa figures! hehe :)

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Amazing collection !! *_* So jealous !! ;)
1 month ago
anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
1 month ago
Now THIS is a shrine and a half, I love this❤️there's only one thing better than Kaworu, and that's more Kaworu!! I love this, they're wonderful together, great job❤️
1 month ago
OBSESSED with the vibes, cool sunglasses kaworu is my fave, and the pride flag really ties everything together here. (but for real, this is such a neat setup for your collection omg,,)
1 month ago
I love your collection especially since it looks like it has a theme; very eye catching!
1 month ago
SJKSJDAS This is iconic! i really love your collection <3
1 month ago
your power is immeasurable. so much love and respect, you have no idea.
1 month ago
1 month ago
keter Anomalous Precure!
sucklet AND gay rights? epicsauce 1000000000000/10
1 month ago
tomura prev. rimi
very nice set up and ........i see that sucklet.....
1 month ago
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