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    Sep 10, 2021

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Stunning work!
5 days ago
Made this look like a scale :D
8 days ago
Very nice framing and good shooting too. Congratulations.
9 days ago
As so well done! Wish I knew how to take/edit pictures like these~
9 days ago
Amazing! The lighting is superb and creates such an atmosphere. And the glowing eye is the icing on the cake!
9 days ago
Oh I love this! The water really adds to it, especially the reflections, love the angle too! I wouldn't dare mess with her :,> amazing picture❤️
9 days ago
9 days ago
Nice, I’d say more “mist” would have been nice as that was kind of her calling card, but really well done.
9 days ago
Beware of this skank,
For she likes to shank.
Don't fear the Reaper,
But fear the Ripper.

Nice picture, the lighting is great.
9 days ago
Be proud of your inner child

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