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    Oct 01, 2021

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Figure Photography: Aquamarine 1/7 Nero Claudius / Saber Extra / UMU Saber



This was an old photo taken in year 2018 that turned out to be a disaster to me in terms of lighting and it didn't pass my quality standards, which ended up with me rejecting the entire batch of her photos. Her photo was never published, because i do not upload bad photography works.

However, I never deleted my old photos despite rejecting them for being bad, and now that my post processing and editing skills have evolved and improved over the years, i remastered that same photo with my new editing methods, and this is the result.

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Wow, such a lovely picture!
1 month ago
Everything about this image is stunning! Excellent work!
1 month ago
Nice picture and great skills
1 month ago
Somehow you've managed to make idol nero even more beautiful~ Lovely shot and the lighting is on point!
1 month ago
SirNimblyBottoms Bunny Figure Snob
Wow you couldn't display her any better than this shot
1 month ago
Very classy setting.
1 month ago
Gorgeous photo and beautiful figure! She looks so fitting in the palace setting.
1 month ago
beautiful light
1 month ago