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    Oct 25, 2021

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Cat’s Name is Preciosa
She is 5 years old
Lost an eye during a bad cat fight.
She is my neighbors’ cat not mine, me and my neighbors’ are close friends and they let me feed her and pet her a lot.
She is very friendly and active, loves affection and meows a lot.
She’s an outdoor cat.

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Preciosa is absolutely preciosa, so is the picture c:
1 month ago
10/10, as usual bestie
1 month ago
Very wholesome, much thanks 5 stars!!
1 month ago
so cute
1 month ago
Who is the bigger "sweet tooth"? :)) Or is the "little one" guarded? Nice
1 month ago
RubyOshi1 month ago#102901817So cute! Is your cat a maine coon? It’s my neighbors’ cat and I’m pretty sure :)
1 month ago
ichigosalad1 month ago#102901874yay!!! so adorable , what is the kitty’s name? Preciosa!
1 month ago
Awwwww<3 (I had a one eyed dog he was so cute too)
Cute picture(I mean it’s sad to lose an eye but still they look cute either way)
1 month ago
Loria1 month ago#102901634I love its wink <3 so adorable
I think it may be missing an eye ToT
1 month ago
yay!!! so adorable , what is the kitty’s name?
1 month ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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