AimaileafyAimaileafy1 month ago

About this picture

Soon I will back to my realm of creativity! Which already looks quite different and is a work in progress right now ehem

Cant wait ;Q; ♥

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Wow, thats such a pretty room, it looks so cozy
1 month ago
Beautiful setup! I really like the natural looking wood shelves and the ceiling!

What are those neatly organized tiny bottles with droppers above your pens/pencils?
1 month ago
this room is amazing T_T
1 month ago
i feel zen
1 month ago
Gorgeous room! I love your set up ♡ but I need to ask, if that’s your desk, where do your legs go??
1 month ago
Ugghhhh 10/10 room, ty for sharing this T_T
1 month ago
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