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    Oct 27, 2021

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My wife noticed that the right elbow is bent in the wrong direction. Guess someone overlooked that on the sculpt. She still loves hers. Love how you used the umbrella off the Hanairogoromo figure. ITEM #380217
13 hours ago
she is so beautiful here!!! you did her justice
1 month ago
Wow... nice addition to nice figure.
1 month ago
Damn that's clever!
Wish i had a figure with an umberella now ^^"
1 month ago
My first thought is the umbrella is taken from a prize ITEM #1099292. This one looks much better, and it suits her!
1 month ago
Yukia1 month ago#102965718That's a great idea! I wonder what else would work
next rob target will be ITEM #1019082
ITEM #1047041
and ITEM #530085,her umbrella looks not bad
1 month ago
That's a great idea! I wonder what else would work
1 month ago
Nice alternate composition for this figure!
1 month ago
creative, love it
1 month ago
Congratz!! You just made her even better!!
1 month ago
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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