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zir0zir014 days ago


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    Nov 14, 2021

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freezing aqua again
Hello everyone, everything good ?
It's been a while since I wanted to freeze Aqua again, as the last time I did it was in 2018, one of the happiest years for me in the photography world, and that's why I made this photo as a gift to all the people who accompany me all these 5 years, on this page, or group, and I'm happy that after so many things in my life, I came back.
thank you guys

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The return of a legend
12 days ago
Madlad back at it again! 10/10
12 days ago
Very nice work! How long does it take to unfreeze her?
12 days ago
*le gasp*
You seriously froze your figure in ice. XDDD That's dedication!

Thanks for all your pics!!
12 days ago
Bullying Aqua is always ok.
12 days ago
HaHa so funny !! xD
13 days ago
I don't know that much time has already passed. Always enjoy your works on this website. Hope that you continue to have fun with photography. :D
13 days ago
Reading your description, it can’t believe it’s been so long! I remember you other picture like it was yesterday so it must have made an impression on me.

I love this one just as much as the last, perhaps more! Poor Aqua may never catch a break haha I wonder what she did to upset Todoroki?
13 days ago
ChocolateSpider14 days ago#103531291Bullying Aqua never gets old. xD
always and time for that, my friend

lillyquin13 days ago#103562953i love how you stuck her face and limbs out a lil more in this newer photo - it's so charming and cartoonish - and her face is visible since it isn't blurred out by the ice!
yes, the last time the problem with the face was really difficult, this time I tried to mold her face with water, and I left an extra focus just for her, I'm glad you liked it
13 days ago
That’s, cold! Aqua!
13 days ago