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GenkaGenka12 days ago

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Miku heaven!
10 days ago
A wonderful collection! So many Miku! It’s wonderful seeing them all together like this.
10 days ago
Nice. Might be because of the color organization on most of the shelves, but that looks surprisingly soothing and serene to me :)
Was gonna ask what your favorite song with Miku is, but I get the feeling it's "ALL" of them :P
10 days ago
10 days ago
Miallow Miaooow~ ♥️
Whoa that's a lot of Mikus!

I love it!
I'm always impressed when people are so dedicated towards just one character or series! :)

Great collection!! <3
11 days ago
Dang, I wonder who your favorite character is? X'D #sarcasm

All jokes aside though, beautiful collection! I love how it's all neatly displayed and presented :D
11 days ago
I sense a theme, but I can't quite put my finger on it... ;D
11 days ago