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    Dec 08, 2021

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that 1/4 bunny madoka is one of my grails!! its so gorgeous and the colors of your arrangement pair nicely :)
1 month ago
excellent arrangement. looks so niiiiice.
that snow miku on the far left is one of my favorites <3
also can i just say I adore your squishmallows?! I've "accidentally" collected quite a few myself;;; they are so good tho. ^_^
1 month ago
This is so cute, what a pretty collection! <3
(also omg that 7/11 Riko is one of my grails, she's so lovely *v*)
1 month ago
AA I love this!! Adorable❤️
1 month ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
This is simple but lovely! Everything is so perfectly arranged, somehow it manages to not feel like an anime figure shelf anymore and something closer to regular stylish decor.
1 month ago
hello! what shelves are those?? thank you!
1 month ago
this set up is the cutest!! i love your taste in figs :))
1 month ago
Such am amazing setup! Everything is placed so nicely, it's very aesthetically pleasing. Also, love the TXT albums.
1 month ago
Well, I love how arranged and diverse your setup is! I also like the small touches on some shelves such as the vase of flowers on the top Rem shelf and the teapot set on the bottom Miku shelf. The plushies are also a cute addition.

Again, I enjoyed staring at your setup and it gives me some inspiration. :)
1 month ago
iya average visual novel enjoyer
1 month ago
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