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She was so cute! RIP Sunny! Snacking on sunflower seeds in the hamster wheel in the sky. <3
8 days ago
Rikoei12 days ago#105414737Sadly she’s not here anymore but she was <3

Ohhhh noooo ;-; ! Rest in peace adorable little Sunny ! <3
10 days ago
KinKin12 days ago#105414685This is one of my most favorite pics on this whole site. XD

Ohhhhh Thank youuuuu ! :3 It's adorable ! >.<
10 days ago
Mikkia12 days ago#105414631Hi ! My name is Chouquette but it's "Roubi" for close friends :3 :3
Thank youuuuuuu ! :3
Awwww ! I'm sure Sunny is very cuuuuute ! :3

Sadly she’s not here anymore but she was <3
12 days ago
This is one of my most favorite pics on this whole site. XD
12 days ago
twilightgrl12 days ago#105412365so cute!
figures4me12 days ago#105414524Awwwww

Thank youuuu ! ~ My fluffy Hamster is very happy ~ :3
12 days ago
ProbablyANinja12 days ago#105397211Like father like son.
completely ! xD
12 days ago
TurboChaser12 days ago#105400175omg so cutee!!
soja12 days ago#105403545I am dying of TEH CUTE~~~~teheee XDDDD
Homurice12 days ago#105405301This is so cute ! I love it (。・ω・。)ノ♡keter12 days ago#105412041this is the most image ever

Thank you very much for your kind comments, it's really adorable >.< !!! <3
12 days ago
pinkychocola13 days ago#105391572This is too adorable.

NendoRob13 days ago#105391611Adorable...

Thank youuuuuuuu <3 :3
12 days ago
lifewithfigures13 days ago#105391431This warms my heart T-T <3Shiibuii13 days ago#105391468Amazing
Linith13 days ago#105391496Awww so cute X3
Hikikomori713 days ago#105391497Dawww~
44413 days ago#1053915712 babeys

Awwwwwww thank you very much for you kind comments T-T <3
12 days ago
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