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HomuriceHomurice12 days ago

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A rabbit in the wild (*´ω`*)

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Absolutely gorgeous photo!
6 days ago
Love this photo so much ₍ᐢ ̥ ̞ ̥ᐢ₎ ♥ I can't wait for mine to come in as well. Great photography work she looks stunning :)
10 days ago
LittlePisces12 days ago#105422624Oh my gosh the colors. ♡

Thanks ! I love how they complement Homu's lavender dress ! (≧▽≦)
10 days ago
jestersparade12 days ago#105409878so pretty!quetechss12 days ago#105421494ahh so pretty!

Thanks a lot hehe !! (人*´∀`)。*゚+
10 days ago
Oh my gosh the colors. ♡
12 days ago
ahh so pretty!
12 days ago
so pretty!
12 days ago