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Stuff that arrived yesterday. The Oreimo book is from CDJapan; everything else was from Mandarake. It was my first Mandarake order, even though I've known about the site for several years :O

The Japan book is something I've been after for a long time. Also seen here is some FFVII-related doujin by K. Haruka, a favorite doujinshika of mine. Another such purchase (via eBay) was bought later, arrived earlier, and is here - yfrog.com/klga0...

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stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
Congrats on getting the FF! Great artworks by Amano ^^
7 years ago
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Yeah, I don't like eBay's doujin prices nowadays. The only reason why I bought any there recently was because the asking prices were decent for a change!

I was most worried about Yomako-sensei, since the quality of used figures that I've bought in the past has been hit-or-miss. The box is a little scuffed up (which I don't mind) but Yomako herself is in perfect condition. Sorry to hear about your own bad experiences with their used figures, though I'll keep them in mind when ordering from them in the future.
7 years ago
Your first Mandarake order? o.o
I buy a lot from them since they have so much great stuff for good price. Actually, I don't buy doujins from any other stores. eBay's doujins are so overprices (eventhough eBay might have something Manda never lists).
Anyways, it's great to get something you've wanted for long time! (I know the feeling) It was also nice to hear your Yomako was in good condition. I've bought some opened/used figures from Manda and almost everytime the figure's been damaged or something. Now I just avoid used figures -__-
7 years ago